Safer Internet Day @ TBGS

We celebrated Safer Internet Day by launching an E-Safety competition with our students.

The challenge is to ‘Be The Change’, by creating a YouTube video of approximately 3 minutes, which promotes E-Safety.

Once approved, it will be launched on social media platforms e.g. YouTube, etc. with the Official Launch Date on Friday, 24th February, and we will watch it go viral!


The video with the most likes and shares by FRIDAY 10TH March will win a voucher to spend at Torre Sports. The prizes for the best entries are detailed below:

1st Prize: £50

2nd Prize: £30

3rd Prize: £20

During a whole school assembly students were encouraged to stay safe online. Some of the following tips were shared.

  • Avoid using a picture of yourself for your profile – use a picture of something you like instead
  • Don’t include personal details in your profile i.e. phone number or email address.
  • Remember that what someone does on a webcam can be recorded.
  • Use privacy settings – they’re there to protect you not restrict you.
  • Listen to yourself – If a person or situation online doesn’t feel right trust your instincts and speak to someone offline who you trust for advice or help.

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